Application for Membership

The Society is open to all individuals and organizations interested in atmospheric science, weather, climate, and related science and technology. No references are required to become a member. There are three membership categories (A, B, and C).

Category A receives ‘Tenki’, the bulletin journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (MSJ), which is written in Japanese.
Category B receives both ‘Tenki’ and the Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ), which is written in English. The JMSJ is a medium for the publication of research papers in the science of pure and applied meteorology and related studies of atmospheric physics/chemistry, climate systems, and geophysical planetary fluid dynamics.
Category C receives the JMSJ.
Membership Fees
For Individuals
CategoryAnnual Fee*
ATenki6,900 yen
BTenki and JMSJ12,600 yen
CJMSJ6,600 yen
A for studentsTenki4,200 yen
B for studentsTenki and JMSJ8,100 yen
For Organizations
CategoryAnnual Fee*
ATenki9,000 yen
BTenki and JMSJ18,000 yen
CJMSJ10,200 yen
* All fees include surface mail postage.

Additional costs for mailing options (for all categories)
 Air MailRegistered Mail
Tenki4,800 yen/year4,200 yen/year
JMSJ4,800 yen/year2,100 yen/year

Please complete the application form and mail it to the secretariat of the MSJ:
Application form
For Individuals WORD PDF TEXT
For Organizations WORD PDF TEXT

Created: 1997/8/1 Modified: 2006/1/1