10 Great Features of JMSJ

JMSJ continues to improve. These are 10 reasons to submit your best work to JMSJ.

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Latest Journal Impact Factor: 3.356 (© 2021 Clarivate)


  1. Broad scope in meteorology. JMSJ publishes papers on meteorological observations, modeling, data assimilation, analyses, global and regional climate research, satellite remote sensing, chemistry and transport, and dynamic meteorology including geophysical fluid dynamics. Papers related to Asian monsoons, climate and mesoscale models, and numerical weather forecasts are particularly welcome.

  3. Varied article types. JMSJ publishes Articles and Notes and Correspondence reporting novel scientific discoveries or technical developments that advance understanding in meteorology and related sciences. Notes and Correspondence consist of Express Notes and Comments and Replies. Authors are encouraged to include the underlying data with their papers (when less than 50MB). The data can be in the form of databases, simulations, movies, large figures or as appropriate.

  5. Freely accessible content. JMSJ became fully Open Access in January 2018 and anyone can read your article at any time at the redeveloped J-STAGE website.

  7. Affordable Article Processing Charge (APC). The APC is a flat, fixed price, regardless of the number of pages and color figures. Society members receive an APC discount: Articles cost only 220,000 yen.

  9. Rapid peer review. Peer reviews are returned within one month for most submissions, and we ask authors to submit revisions within three months. Notes and Correspondence have quicker peer review and a cheaper APC: final decisions are usually made within 4 months and the member APC is 170,000 yen.

  11. Advanced online publication. Accepted articles are immediately assigned a DOI and published online as Advance Online Publications. Copyedited and typeset articles are posted soon after on the journal’s page at the J-STAGE platform.

  13. Special Issues/Editions and Review Articles. Selected articles in specific subject areas are published as Special Issues and Editions after deliberation by the Editorial Committee. Review Articles are original comprehensive reviews of subjects deemed topical and important by the Chief Editor, who should be contacted if you have an idea for a review article. Review Articles are free to access and to publish.

  15. JMSJ Awards. We offer an annual award to a number of articles each year. We welcome and encourage submissions particularly from young researchers, although all articles are considered for the Awards. Editors mentor and assist our younger authors through the peer review process.

  17. Permanent journal archive. All articles are permanently preserved with Portico. Since 1882, JMSJ has published many influential papers – such as Matsuno’s seminal 1966 article on equatorial waves. Kobayashi et al’s 2015 JRA-55 article continues to attract wide interest.

  19. Active article promotion. JMSJ increases the visibility, reach and downloads of your published articles by posting your Graphical Abstract to Twitter and Facebook, attending conferences, and doing other promotional work. Altmetrics are available for all JMSJ articles at the J-STAGE platform.