2005 Spring Meeting of the MSJ

Tokyo, 15-18 May 2005

The 2005 Spring Meeting of the MSJ will be held on 15-18 May in the Hongo Campus, the University of Tokyo 

A detailed program of the meeting will appear in the MSJ's Japanese homepage by the end of March 2005. 

Programs of recent meetings are shown here (in Japanese).

@ How to join the Meeting
    You can participate in the meeting by paying admission fee to the MSJ in advance or at the reception of the meeting. 
    The admission fee is announced in the program of the meeting.

@ How to submit a preprint
    A preprint and a submission form, which is inserted in the December 2004 issue of TENKI, 
      should be sent to the following address:

   Hisaki Eito, Forecast Research Dept., Meteorological Research Inst.,
   Nagamine, Tsukuba 305-0052, Japan

The preprint should be written on an A4 sheet in Japanese or English, with 20 mm margins on the top and sides, 
   and a 30 mm margin on the bottom. At least one of the authors must be a member of the MSJ. 
  --- The deadline of submission is 22 February 2005. --- 

To submit to a special session, a copy of the abstract and the submission form should be sent to the convenors 
   as announced here in Japanese. 
  --- The deadline of the submission is 15 February 2005. ---

@ Presentation
    The presentation can be conducted either by oral or poster session. 
    The time allocated for an oral presentation depends on the total number of presentations (typically 10 minutes
       including discussion). 
    For the poster presentation, the size of the board will be about 150cm in height and 90cm in width.

@ How to purchase preprints
     The preprint can be purchased from the MSJ, as announced in a forthcoming issue of TENKI.

@ Announce of "the First Joint Symposium organized by China-Korea-Japan Meteorological Societies"
     Prior to the 2005 Spring Meeting of the MSJ, "the First Joint Symposium organized by China-Korea-Japan 
       Meteorological Societies |Atmospheric Sciences in the East Asia|" will be held on 13-14 May at the same site. 
     It will be composed of invited presentations only. Admission to the Symposium is free.