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Impact Factor Trend based on ISI web of knowledge

2015: 0.791 (1-year) / 1.247 (5-year)

2014: 0.939 (1-year) / 1.530 (5-year)

2013: 1.118 (1-year) / 1.465 (5-year)

2012: 1.337 (1-year) / 1.604 (5-year)

2011: 1.287

2010: 0.964

2009: 0.761

SOLA Award in 2016

The SOLA editorial committee presents the SOLA Award to the outstanding letters published in a year. In 2016, the following article was awarded:

Toru Adachi, Kenichi Kusunoki, Satoru Yoshida, Hanako Inoue, Ken-ichiro Arai, and Tomoo Ushio
"Rapid Volumetric Growth of Misocyclone and Vault-Like Structure in Horizontal Shear Observed by Phased Array Weather Radar", SOLA, Vol. 12, 314-319. (2016)



Previous SOLA Award Recipients

2015 Satoshi Masuda and Keiichi Ishioka "A Method to Calculate Steady Lee-Wave Solutions with High-Accuracy", SOLA, Vol. 11, 85-89. (2015)


2014 Toru Miyama and Takuya Hasegawa "Impact of Sea Surface Temperature on Westerlies over the Western Pacific Warm Pool: Case Study of an Event in 2001/02", SOLA, Vol. 10, 5-9. (2014)


2013 Qoosaku Moteki and Atsuyoshi Manda "Seasonal Migration of the Baiu Frontal Zone over the East China Sea: Sea Surface Temperature Effect", SOLA, Vol. 9, 19-22. (2013)
2012 Toshiki Iwasaki and Yasushi Mochizuki "Mass-Weighted Isentropic Zonal Mean Equatorward Flow in the Northern Hemispheric Winter", SOLA, Vol. 8, 115-118. (2012)
2011 Hirokazu Endo "Long-Term Changes of Seasonal Progress in Baiu Rainfall Using 109 Years (1901—2009) Daily Station Data", SOLA, Vol. 7, 005-008. (2011)
Jun Inoue, Masatake E. Hori, Takeshi Enomoto, and Takashi Kikuchi "Intercomparison of Surface Heat Transfer Near the Arctic Marginal Ice Zone for Multiple Reanalyses: A Case Study of September 2009", SOLA, Vol. 7, 057-060. (2011)
2010 Junshi Ito, Hiroshi Niino, and Mikio Nakanishi "Large Eddy Simulation on Dust Suspension in a Convective Mixed Layer", SOLA, Vol. 6, 133-136. (2010)