1. History
    This society was founded in May 1882 as the Meteorological Society of Tokyo and changed its name to the Dainippon Meteorological Society in January 1888. On July 16, 1941, the organization was restructured and became an incorporated association named the Meteorological Society of Japan. The number of members reached 1,800 in 1944. Despite a temporary decreased in membership immediately following World War II, the society has continued to grow, reaching more than 4,000 members in 2005, and now plays significant scientific and social roles.

  2. Purpose and Activities
    The purpose of the society is to activate meteorological research and promote the progress and development of such research in cooperation with related academic societies both in Japan and around the world. This society conducts such activities as the sponsorship of workshops and meetings, the publication of bulletins, journals, and books, and the encouragement and commendation of research.

  3. Classification of Members
    Individuals and organizations who are interested in the activities of this society are invited, irrespective of nationality, to apply for membership. Members are classified into the following categories.
    (1) Individual members
    There are three membership categories (A, B, and C).
    Category A: members who receive the bulletin ‘Tenki’ (written in Japanese) by paying a yearly membership fee of 6,900 Japanese yen.
    Category B: members who receive both ‘Tenki’ and the Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ; written in English) by paying a yearly membership fee of 12,600 Japanese yen.
    Category C: members who receive the JMSJ by paying a yearly membership fee of 6,600 Japanese yen.
    For members attending school (student members), the yearly membership fee is 4,200 Japanese yen for Category A or 8,100 Japanese yen for Category B.
    (2) Organizational members
    There are three membership categories (A, B, and C).
    Category A: members who receive the bulletin ‘Tenki’ by paying a yearly membership fee of 9,000 Japanese yen (per unit).
    Category B: members who receive both ‘Tenki’ and the JMSJ by paying a yearly membership fee of 18,000 Japanese yen (per unit).
    Category C: members who receive the JMSJ by paying a yearly membership fee of 10,200 Japanese yen (per unit).
    (3) Supporting members
    Supporting members are individuals or organizations who wish to support the activity of this society. They receive the choice of the ‘Tenki’ or the JMSJ. Contributing members must make a yearly contribution of more than 40,000 Japanese yen.
    (4) Honorary members
    Honorary members are individuals or organizations that have provided distinguished services to this society and have been commended in a general meeting. They are not required to pay any fees including the membership fee, meeting participation fees, or publication fees.

  4. Privileges of Members
    All members of the society enjoy the following benefits:
    (1) Delivery of ‘Tenki’ and/or the JMSJ, according to the membership category
    (2) Discounts on the purchase of publications issued by this society, such as meteorological research notes and abstracts of conference papers
    (3) Discounted charges for contributions to bulletins and publications (non-members are billed at cost)
    (4) The opportunity to participate in scientific meetings sponsored by this society and discounted registration fees.

  5. Bulletin and Regular Publications
    (1) Tenki
    This monthly bulletin is published in Japanese and is primarily intended for domestic exchanges. It carries such articles as research papers, reports of scientific meetings both in Japan and around the world, comments on recent research topics, and the recent activities of this society. An electronic version is available free of charge.
    (2) Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ)
    This bimonthly journal is published in English. It focuses on international exchanges and carries scientific treatises and original contributions from all atmospheric science-related disciplines. An electronic version is available free of charge.
    (3) SOLA (Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere)
    This is an international electronic journal focusing on the rapid distribution of scientific discoveries, new findings and advances in understanding in atmospheric and related sciences, especially in interdisciplinary crossover areas.
    (4) Local branches of the society issue such publications as branch reports, which are occasionary distributed to local members
    These publications are also distributed to non-members. For more information, please contact the secretariat of the society.

  6. Other Publications
    (1) Meteorological Research Note (Kishokenkyu Note)
    This publication is written in Japanese and contains explanatory reviews on general topics concerning meteorology. Approximately 3 volumes are published each year.
    (2) Preprints of annual scientific meetings
    Preprints are available for scientific meetings held each spring and autumn.
    (3) Proceedings of symposia and other meetings
    When required, edited versions of abstracts from symposia and workshops sponsored or co-sponsored by this society are published.
    • Members can obtain the Kishokenkyu Note and the preprints of annual scientific meetings at discounted prices.
    • Members can purchase the Kishokenkyu Note on a subscription basis at discounted prices. If you subscribe for a publication, it will be delivered to you upon publication. You will pay for the subscription in a lump when you pay the membership fee.
    • Each issue of the Kishokenkyu Note has a different price.
    • Please contact the secretariat of the society regarding details of these publications.

  7. Major Meetings
    (1) Spring and autumn meetings
    Scientific meetings for the presentation of research papers, lectures, symposia, and commendations are held each spring and autumn. The spring meeting is held in the Kanto area for four days, while the autumn meeting is held in one of the local branches for three days. At the spring meeting, a society general meeting is held in order to deliberate on the activity statement, the settlement statement, activity programs, budget proposals, and other matters necessary for the operation of the society.
    (2) Summer schools
    In summer schools, lectures on recent meteorology-related topics are presented primarily to students in high school or higher levels who are interested in meteorology and also to teachers who teach meteorology in primary, junior high, and high schools. Each year, a summer school is held near the end of July in Tokyo. Branches in Hokkaido, Kansai, and other regions also hold such schools.
    (3) Workshops and regular meetings
    Focusing on special areas and topics, workshops and monthly meetings are held in the form of research presentations and symposia. In addition to those held in Tokyo, various events are also held by local branches. These events are announced in ‘Tenki’, in branch reports, and on the web.

  8. Awards
    The Meteorological Society of Japan presents the following five annual awards for accomplishments in the field of meteorology.
    (1) The Award of the Meteorological Society of Japan
    With this award, the society commends an individual who has made a distinguished achievement in atmospheric sciences.
    (2) Fujiwhara Award
    This award honors an individual who has contributed to atmospheric sciences and related technology through research and investigation, comprehensive reports, and writings.
    (3) Yamamoto-Syono Award for Outstanding Papers
    This award honors young researchers and engineers who have published outstanding papers in recent issues of atmospheric science journals.
    (4) Horiuchi Award
    This award is for an individual who has made a significant contribution in interdisciplinary fields related to atmospheric sciences.
    (5) Encouragement Award
    This award is presented to a person or persons who have conducted distinguished research in a non-academic career. The award is also presented to those who have made significant contributions to educational activities at schools or in the society.
    (6) JMSJ Award
    This award is presented to the best papers published in Journal of the Meteorological Society (JMSJ) every year. At the end of a year, the JMSJ editorial committee selects the best papers published that year.
    (7) SOLA Award
    This award is presented to the best paper(s) published in SOLA (Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere) every year. At the beginning of a year, the SOLA steering committee selects the best paper(s) published in the former year.

  9. International Scientific Exchanges
    For the promotion of international scientific exchanges in atmospheric sciences, the society has established an international scientific exchange fund and conducts the following activities.
    (1) Co-sponsorship and support of international scientific meetings
    (2) Encouragement of young researchers to participate in overseas scientific meetings

  10. Application for Membership
    Membership in the society is open to everyone. Please obtain a membership application form from the society's secretariat (contact the headquarters at: <metsoc-j@aurora.ocn.ne.jp> or contact a branch office), or download it from this URL: <http://www.metsoc.jp/E/Membership.html>, complete the form and submit it to the society's secretariat. The secretariat will send an invoice for the membership fee (if you join the society in the middle of the year, you will pay a pro-rated membership fee). After confirmation of your remittance, your name will be announced as a new member in the bulletin ‘Tenki’.

  11. Payment of Membership Fee
    Members shall pay the yearly membership fee in advance. The society issues invoices for annual membership fees every November, and members are required to pay the outstanding fees by the end of the following January.
    Surface mail postage for bulletins will be paid by the society. Those who wish to receive the delivery by airmail and/or registered mail shall pay the following additional costs:
     Air MailRegistered Mail
    Tenki4,800 yen/year4,200 yen/year
    JMSJ4,800 yen/year2,100 yen/year
    You may come directly to the office of the secretariat to pay your membership fee. The following methods are also accepted:
    a) International postal money order
    b) Credit card (VISA or MasterCard)
    c) Bank remittance
    Of these methods, a) and b) are recommended. For more information please contact the society's secretariat.

  12. Contact point for inquiries
    For more information or any questions regarding the information presented on this page, please contact the society's secretariat at <metsoc-j@aurora.ocn.ne.jp>.

  13. Address of the Secretariat
    ♦ Main Office:
    c/o Japan Meteorological Agency, 1-3-4, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100, Japan
    Tel: +81-3-3212-8341 (ex.2546); Fax: +81-3-3216-4401
    e-mail: metsoc-j@aurora.ocn.ne.jp
    ♦ Hokkaido Local Office:
    c/o Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory, 18-2, Nishi, Kita 2-jo, Chuo-ku, Sapporo 060, Japan
    Tel: +81-11-611-6121
    ♦ Tohoku Local Office:
    c/o Sendai District Meteorological Observatory, 1-3-15, Gorin, Miyagino-ku, Sendai 983, Japan
    Tel: +81-22-291-8171
    ♦ Chubu Local Office:
    c/o Nagoya Local Meteorological Observatory, 2-18, Hiyori-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464, Japan
    Tel: +81-52-751-5577
    ♦ Kansai Local Office:
    c/o Osaka District Meteorological Observatory, 4-1-76, Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540, Japan
    Tel: +81-6-949-6300
    ♦ Kyushu Local Office:
    c/o Fukuoka District Meteorological Observatory, 1-2-36, Ohori, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka 810, Japan
    Tel: +81-92-725-3601
    ♦ Okinawa Local Office:
    c/o Okinawa Meteorological Observatory, 1-15-15, Higawa, Naha 900, Japan
    Tel: +81-98-833-4281

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