Publication ethics

SOLA endorses the highest ethical standards to ensure the high quality of scientific research and publication.


When submitting the manuscript to SOLA, the author(s) must warrant that:

  1. The article is original and is not under consideration for publication in any other journal.
  2. The author(s) are the sole author(s) and sole owners of the copyright in the article, and the article does not infringe on existing copyright or other third-party rights. If material from other sources is included in the article, then appropriate permissions have been obtained.
  3. Due care has been taken with the preparation of the article to ensure its integrity, that the facts presented are true and accurate, and that nothing in the article is obscene, defamatory or libellous or violates any right of privacy.

The author(s) must not have submitted their manuscript to another journal before the Editorial Committee makes the final decision on the manuscript. If duplicate submission is identified and confirmed, the Editorial Committee will reject the submitted manuscript immediately. The author(s) may submit their manuscript to another journal after the final decision is made.

All the authors listed on the submitted manuscript must have contributed to the work. The contributed authors must be determined and listed before the manuscript is submitted. Addition of an author will not be approved after the manuscript is submitted, without consent by the Editorial Committee.

Each submitted manuscript will be checked by the Editorial Committee whether any form of plagiarism is included with the use of iThenticate.