TheMeteorological  Society of Japan (MSJ) is open to all individuals and organizations interested in atmospheric science, weather, climate, and related science and technology. No references are required to become a member. There are three membership categories (A, B, and C): 

  • Category A receives a print version of ‘Tenki’ , the bulletin journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (MSJ), which is published in Japanese.
  • Category B receives a print version of ‘Tenki’ and an annual DVD compilation of the Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ). JMSJ, which is published in English, is a medium for the publication of research papers in the science of pure and applied meteorology and related studies of atmospheric physics/chemistry, climate systems, and geophysical planetary fluid dynamics.
  • Category C receives an annual DVD compilation of JMSJ.

Annual membership fees cover the calendar year. If you join the Society in the middle of the year, your membership fees will be prorated.

Standard postage is included in the annual fee for each category. Airmail and registered mail options are available and are detailed below.

All members receive a discount to the Article Processing Charge for JMSJ. Full details are in the JMSJ Instructions to Authors.

Membership Fees

For Individuals

Category Annual Fee*
A Tenki 6,900 yen
B Tenki & JMSJ 12,600 yen
C JMSJ 6,600 yen
A for students or seniors (aged 65 or over) Tenki 4,200 yen
B for students or seniors (aged 65 or over) Tenki & JMSJ 8,100 yen

#The annual fee of the membership fee and the membership classification will be changed from December 1, 2018.
General membership: 9,000 yen, Student: 4,200 yen, senior (aged 65 or over): 6,000yen

For Organizations

Category Annual Fee*
A Tenki 9,000 yen
B Tenki & JMSJ 18,000 yen
C JMSJ 10,200 yen

#The annual fee will be changed from December 1, 2018.
Category A: 11,000yen, Category B: 20,000yen, Category C: 12,200yen

Expedited mailing options (for all categories)

Category Additional cost for Air Mail Additional cost for Registered Mail
Tenki 4,800 yen/year 4,200 yen/year
JMSJ 4,800 yen/year 2,100 yen/year

Application form

Please complete the application form and mail it to the secretariat of the MSJ:

For Individuals WORD PDF TEXT
For Organizations WORD PDF TEXT

Upon receiving your application, the secretariat will send you a membership fee invoice. After your funds are received, your name will be announced as a new member in Tenki.