MSJ Autumn Meeting 2021

2021 Autumn Meeting

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  • Date: December 2nd (Thursday) – December 8th (Wednesday), 2021 (2nd~3rd : online, 6th~8th : on-site)
    It can be changed due to the situation of the COVID-19
  • Venue:   Mie University
  • Address:   1577 Kurimamachiya-cho, Tsu city, Mie 514-8507 JAPAN
  • Announcement of the Autumn Meeting (PDF/545KB)

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    Collaboration with local communities utilizing the latest knowledge of meteorology -Aiming for a transition to a sustainable society in the age of global warming-
    In the field of meteorological and climatic research, studies on the mechanism and prediction of climatic changes associated with global warming and extreme phenomena such as heavy rainfall and heavy snowfall, which have a significant impact on society, are actively being conducted. At the same time, local governments and other related organizations are considering how to respond to disasters and future climate changes associated with these extreme phenomena from various perspectives, including disaster prevention and adaptation to global warming. In this symposium, we will hear about these cutting-edge scientific findings from experts in the field, and we will also hear from Governor of Mie Prefecture about local disaster prevention measures and global warming adaptation efforts and issues. We also planned to have a discussion on how to utilize such cutting-edge scientific knowledge for sustainable social transformation in cooperation with relevant local organizations.
    Speakers and Panelists:
    Katsuyuki Ichimi (Governor of Mie Prefecture)
    Seiko Tamori (Weathercaster)
    Hisashi Nakamura (Tokyo University)
    Hiroaki Kawase (Meteorological Research Institute)
    Yoshihiro Tachibana (Mie University)

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