Graphical Abstract

Jayalakshmi, J., B. K. Seela, P.-L. Lin, P. K. Wang, C.-H. Tseng, K. K. Reddy, H. Hashiguchi, L. Feng, S. K. Das, and C. K. Unnikrishnan, 2020: Raindrop size distribution characteristics of Indian and Pacific Ocean tropical cyclones observed at India and Taiwan sites. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, 299-317. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: For the first time, we investigated the raindrop size distribution (RSD) characteristics of the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean tropical cyclones (TCs) using ground-based Parsivel disdrometer measurements in south India and south Taiwan observational sites, respectively. Disdrometers observations show that the mid-size and large drops were more in number in the Pacific Ocean TCs than the Indian Ocean TCs, and these two oceanic TCs showed significant differences in RSD empirical relations (Dm-R, log10Nw-R, μ-Λ Dmm , log10Nw-Dm , and Z-R ). Relatively a higher convective activity and water vapor in the Pacific Ocean TCs than the Indian Ocean TCs resulted in distinct RSD features between the two oceanic TCs through different microphysical processes.