Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ) is an international, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal for the publication of research in areas of meteorology. The journal's broad scope includes meteorological observations, modeling, assimilations, analyses, global and regional climate research, satellite remote sensing, chemistry and transport, and dynamic meteorology including geophysical fluid dynamics. In particular, JMSJ welcomes papers related to Asian monsoons, climate and mesoscale models, and numerical weather forecasts.

JMSJ publishes Articles, Review Articles, and Notes and Correspondence by both members and nonmembers of the Meteorological Society of Japan (MSJ). Submitted Articles should be unpublished original contributions and be of significant scientific values. Notes and Correspondence are used to rapidly report recent significant discoveries, to present summary results from special publications of limited distribution, and to discuss published articles. Printed version of JMSJ is distributed bimonthly, and circulated to organizational members.

The journal has rapid peer review and early publication:

The JMSJ Editorial Committee makes the final decision on the suitability of manuscripts for publication and is responsible for the final editing of all accepted manuscripts.

JMSJ began publishing in 1882 and has been printed entirely in English since 2001. JMSJ switched to fully Open Access Journal in 2018.

All issues of JMSJ can be freely accessed without charge at https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/browse/jmsj under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. This license allows users to adapt, reproduce and distribute JMSJ articles (even commercially) in any medium, provided they give appropriate credit to the author(s) and original source, include a link to the license, and indicate if any changes have been made, without the need to ask prior permission from the Meteorological Society of Japan (MSJ).

Those who wish to contribute papers to or subscribe to JMSJ may be either members or nonmembers of MSJ. Application forms for MSJ membership and other information about the Society can be found at https://www.metsoc.jp/en/membership.


These are "Ten great features of JMSJ" (2018.9.12):



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