Open Access, Copyright and Permissions

Articles published from January 2018

In 2018, the Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ) switched to fully Open Access publication. All articles published after the switch will be freely available online and will have clearly defined use and re-use rights, without the need to ask prior permission from the Meteorological Society of Japan (MSJ). Authors are required to sign a License to Publish to grant the MSJ permission to reproduce the work in the journal under a Creative Commons license. Please see Open Access: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information about JMSJ's open access policy.

Please complete the relevant page of the License to Publish (LTP) form when submitting your manuscript. (Page 1: standard LTP; Page 2: government employees LTP).

Articles published before 2018

Articles published in JMSJ before 2018 will remain freely available. Given the copyright provisions of these articles, any republication, translation or other use will require written permission from the MSJ and acknowledgement of the original source.

An exception to this requirement is the use of figures, tables, or brief excerpts from JMSJ papers in scientific or educational publications, which do not require permission from the MSJ provided that the original source is acknowledged.

Author(s) of JMSJ papers published prior to 2018 may post a copy of their paper on their personal web page for non-commercial use, provided that the following acknowledgement and copyright statement are included: "©Copyright 20xx, Meteorological Society of Japan (MSJ). The original version was published in JMSJ."

Photocopying and reproduction of JMSJ articles

If you wish to photocopy all or part of an JMSJ publication published before 2018 or as otherwise determined by an article's licensing conditions, permission must be obtained from the MSJ's delegated copyright clearance agency as listed below.