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Ren, S., X. Fang, N. Niu and W. Song, 2023: The application of FY-3D/E meteorological satellite products in south china sea summer monsoon monitoring. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 101.
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Plain Language Summary: The onset of the summer monsoon indicates that the atmospheric circulation changes from winter to summer and the primary rainy season begins. Based on the vertical atmospheric sounding system carried by the FY-3D meteorological satellite (FY-3D/VASS) and the new wind radar instrument carried by the FY-3E meteorological satellite (FY-3E/WindRAD) the applications of these satellite datasets in South China Sea summer monsoon (SCSSM) monitoring was evaluated. The temperature, humidity, and wind reversal during the onset of the SCSSM in 2022 were well-monitored by the FY-3D/E-derived θ_se and OWV dual indices, which are consistent with the SCSSM onset date, the third pentad in May, issued officially by the National Climate Center, China Meteorological Administration.