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Zeng, Y., L. Yang, Y. Zhou, Z. Tong, Y. Jiang, 2022: Statistical Characteristics of Summer Season Raindrop Size Distribution in the Western and Central Tianshan Mountains in China. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 100, 807-824.
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Plain Language Summary: This study focused on DSD variability in two different regions (Urumqi and Nilek) of the Tianshan Mountains in China. Parsivel2, ERA5, and FY-2G datasets were used to analyze and understand the DSD variability between Urumqi and Nilek. DSD variability was attributed to topographic difference between Urumqi and Nilek. By comparing DSDs of two different regions, we have got some interesting conclusions, such as DSDs in Nilek had larger Dm and smaller Nw as compared to that in Urumqi.