Graphical Abstract

Ose, T., 2019: Future changes in summertime East Asian monthly precipitation in CMIP5 and their dependence on present-day model climatology. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 97, 1041-1053. Abstract with highlights

Plain Language Summary: The future projection by the CMIP5 models well reproducing the observed westerlies over East Asia, which is stronger than the CMIP5 ensemble mean, indicates that summertime monthly climatological precipitation in future East Asia is more likely systematically decreased in some regions (Fig.1b) rather than evenly increased in every wet region (Fig.1a). Because the strong downward motion change in East Asia is caused in the atmospheric response to large future reduction of the tropical vertical motion for the models simulating the present-day climatology of much tropical precipitation and the associated strong East Asian westerlies.