Express Notes

Express notes are short reports that describe original findings with rapid review processes. They are a part of Notes and Correspondence which consists of "express notes" and "comments and replies". Because Notes and Correspondence are intended to be published rapidly, editorial decisions on their suitability for publication will be made within four months of manuscript submission.


JMSJ, 2022, Vol. 100




JMSJ, 2021, Vol. 99

JMSJ, 2020, Vol. 98

JMSJ, 2019, Vol. 97

JMSJ, 2018, Vol. 96

JMSJ, 2017, Vol. 95

JMSJ, 2016, Vol. 94

JMSJ, 2015, Vol. 93

Comments and Replies

JMSJ, 2015, Vol. 93