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Takata, K., and N. Hanasaki, 2021: Investigating runoff sensitivity in the land-surface model MATSIRO to reduce low runoff bias. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 99, 685-695.
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Plain Language Summary: Runoff calculated with the Minimal Advanced Treatments of Surface Interaction and RunOff (MATSIRO) on the basis of TOPography-base MODEL (TOPMODEL) tends to be too low and its response to precipitation be too low, compared to observation for instance in Thailand. We conjectured that those biases could be attributed to the water table's excessive depth, which was diagnosed from grid-mean soil moisture using a saturation parameter. The results of Sensitivity for the parameter were then investigated aiming to make the response more active at a catchment in Thailand. The results presented marked increases in runoff accompanying reduction in water table depth. The preliminary global sensitivity experiments indicated spatial variations of the sensitivity with climate zones.