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Oizumi, T., K. Saito, L. Duc, and J. Ito, 2020: Ultra-high resolution numerical weather prediction with a large domain using the K computer. Part 2: The case of the Hiroshima heavy rainfall event on August 2014 and dependency of simulated convective cells on model resolutions. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 98, 1163–1182.
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Plain Language Summary: This study conducts the Ultra-high-resolution (5-km to 250-m grid spacing) numerical weather prediction (NWP) experiments and investigates the impacts of model resolutions on the Hiroshima heavy rain event in August 2014. The results show that the finer resolution model well reproduces the torrential rain event and the simulated convective cores (CCs) tend to converge when the resolution goes beyond 500 m.