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Wada, A., 2021: Roles of oceanic mesoscale eddy in rapid weakening of Typhoons Trami and Kong-Rey in 2018 simulated with a 2-km-mesh atmosphere-wave-ocean coupled model. J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 99, 1453-1482.
Special Edition on Typhoons in 2018–2019,
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Plain Language Summary: To understand the role of a cold-core eddy in the intensity change of Typhoons Trami and Kong-Rey (2018), numerical simulations were performed with a 2-km-mesh nonhydrostatic atmosphere model and an atmospheric-wave-ocean coupled model. The ocean’s role in the simulated rapid weakening of two typhoons was related to the low upper-ocean heat content caused by typhoon-induced sea surface cooling. The reductions in downward motion in the center of two typhoons and the associated adiabatic heating were closely related to the weakening. The difference of ocean’s role between the two typhoons were discussed.