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Wada, A., W. Yanase, and K. Okamoto, 2022: Interactions between a tropical cyclone and upper-tropospheric cold-core lows simulated by an atmosphere-wave-ocean coupled model: A case study of Typhoon Jongdari (2018). J. Meteor. Soc. Japan, 100,
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Plain Language Summary: To investigate the effects of atmosphere-ocean interactions and interactions between upper-tropospheric cold lows (UTCLs) and Typhoon Jongdari (2018) on the unusual Jongdari’s track, numerical simulations were conducted with a 3-km-mesh nonhydrostatic atmosphere model and an atmosphere-wave-ocean coupled model, using different initial conditions created by adopting different initial times. This study demonstrated the effects of ocean coupling and atmospheric initial conditions on the simulation of Jongdari and discussed their mechanism.