The 13th International Conference on the Atmospheric Sciences and Application to Air Quality (ASAAQ13)に係わる論文投稿の募集

2015年11月11-13日 に神戸国際会議場において第13回大気科学と
その大気質への応用国際会議ASAAQ13) が 開催されました。
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Issue title: Air Pollution in the Asia-Pacific Region

Guest Editors:

Shinji Wakamatsu, Ehime University (Japan) Toshimasa Ohara, National Institute for Environmental Studies (Japan) Hiroaki Kondo, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (Japan) Shiro Hatakeyama, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (Japan)


With rapid industrialization and urbanization in developing countries over the past several decades, the problem of air pollution has become aggravated, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. The degradation of air quality has had adverse effects on human health and the ecosystem.
Moreover, air pollution causes climate change, which in turn influences air quality.

Under these circumstances, this Special Issue aims to offer an opportunity to present scientific approaches, related to the Asia-Pacific region, for solving regional and global atmospheric issues, such as road-side and urban air pollution, wet and dry deposition, the long-range transport of photochemical ozone and PM2.5, and climate change.

Deadline: 31 January 2016

Publication Fee: 800 CHF (Swiss Francs)

Submission web-site:

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