Call for Papers: “Typhoons in 2018–2019” in the Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ) and Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere (SOLA)

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the Special Edition on “Typhoons in 2018‒2019” in the Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere (SOLA) and Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan (JMSJ). Typhoons are one of the most destructive weather systems with potentially serious impacts on human life, economy, social system and the environment. In particular, typhoons Jebi (2018), Faxai (2019) and Hagibis (2019) that made landfall in Japan caused serious natural disasters. In addition to the intensity and track of typhoons of 2018-2019, there is increasing interest in clarifying factors and processes of extraordinary high winds and heavy rains associated with the typhoons from a meteorological and climatological perspective. In this Special Edition, we will welcome any works on the typhoons in 2018‒2019 based on observations, data analyses, and numerical simulations on any time scales. Some relevant topics are also welcomed.


Editorial Board

  • Chief Editor: Akiyoshi Wada (MRI)
  • Co-chief Editor: Kosuke Ito (University of the Ryukyus), Masuo Nakano (JAMSTEC),
    Hironori Fudeyasu (Yokohama National University)
  • Editors: Takeshi Enomoto (Kyoto University), Takeshi Horinouchi (Hokkaido University), Satoshi Iizuka (NIED), Sachie Kanada (Nagoya University), Hisayuki Kubota (Hokkaido University), Nobuhito Mori (Kyoto University), Toshiyuki Nakaegawa (MRI), Tomoe Nasuno (JAMSTEC), Yoshiaki Miyamoto (Keio University), Tomomichi Ogata (JAMSTEC), Tomonori Sato (Hokkaido University), Chun-Chieh Wu (National Taiwan University), Wataru Yanase (MRI), Satoru Yokoi (JAMSTEC), Jun Yoshino (Gifu University)


How to Submit

To be considered for this Special Edition, manuscripts shall be submitted through the online editorial system of SOLA/JMSJ.

Please select “Typhoons in 2018‒2019” in the “special edition” pulldown menu. JMSJ Authorsʼ Guide including the page and color charges is available in the above website.


Important Dates (SOLA)

  •  Open of the submission: June 2020
  •  Submission due: April 2021
  •  End of the review process: July 2021
  •  Publication: October 2021


Important Dates (JMSJ)

  • Open of the submission: June 2020
  •  Submission due: April 2021
  •  End of the review process: December 2021
  •  Publication: April 2022


Special Remarks

Article Processing Charge (APC) will be discounted for the papers published in this special edition/collection. The amount of the discount will be 50,000 JPY for JMSJ Articles, 30,000
JPY for JMSJ Notes and 20,000 JPY for SOLA Articles.



Masuo Nakano